The “Wood n Wire Guitars”

These two guitars have been a long time in the making! They started out as an idea hatched between myself and my very good friend Doug Carroll. We wanted to have a pair of matching guitars(almost!) to play when we were performing together as Wood and Wire. The material we play ranges from traditional Scottish/Irish songs to hard strummed Rock covers and everything else in between. Finger style features a lot in our repertoire so we needed guitars which we could comfortably play in this style and open tune without loosing any clarity or suffer any tuning issues.

We decided upon the “Burns” body size but made some subtle changes to my standard model. We went for Adirondack Spruce tops coupled with Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides, a five piece neck and a hybrid bracing system on the soundboards. The depth of the body was also increased slightly as well as a larger sound-hole to match.

We opted for the more subtle Rosewood bindings rather than the more common light/dark combination using Maple to create a contrast. The rosewood was then used as the centre strip for the five piece neck with a strip of Tasmanian Black wood on either side which lined up beautifully with the Pear and Boxwood back centre strip.

The nut was made a full 1 3/4″ or 45 mm in new money! to suit finger style and an important 60 mm across the bridge pins, instead of the more normal 55 mm, to create a bit more room for my big mitts!

To finish off these fabulous guitars we didn’t spare any expense and went for Waverly open backed tuners with Snake wood buttons to match the bridge pins and strap button.

The overall result was two fantastic sounding guitars, not identical as they never are,with clear well defined notes across the whole fingerboard. Good bass response, sparkling trebles and well balanced mids.

Have a look at the pictures and please get in touch if you want to find out more about these fantastic guitars or even come and try them yourself.

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